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New baby gifts are perhaps the most precious a person can give. Think about it. These extra special presents are gifted in the very first days of life – a time unlike any other – when each can represent a first and go on to become a favourite.

Yet to deliver on that high order, a new baby gift ought to be as special as the occasion. Imaginative in design, handmade in production, and premium in quality; all the kind of attributes that prelude a gift becoming a favourite. 

To find these sacred gifts, come with us; away from the mass scale and the predictable hues of pink and blue - and discover new baby products with a whimsical tale behind them. Pieces stitched with a story, with the power to spark a true, deep-rooted connection between a gift and its young receiver.

Meet our Scandi-inspired new baby gift sets

It’s that narrative which in part, led two textile designers turned new mothers to create a brand that spoke to that very conundrum.

At Milk and Honey, our focus is different. We design and create using natural materials for minimalist, gender-neutral, high-quality creations that will stand the test of time. So that should tiny fists or teething mouths choose our products as a favourite, they won’t break or spoil. 

We want to connect more people to extra special new baby gifts, offering something out of the ordinary, unique products you won’t find anywhere else. That’s why we have now hand-selected some of our best-sellers to go inside our new baby hampers. Ranging from The Essentials Bundle ( From £49.00) to The Luxury Bundle ( From £76.00) all the way to The Premium Bundle (£126.00), our beautifully packaged baby gift sets contain premium gifts with a story, to be loved by babies and mothers alike.

Peep inside our new baby gift sets

Across each of our bundles, you’ll be able to pick and choose the products that mean the most to you as a new baby gift buyer. So, here’s a sneak peek into the very selection you’ll be choosing from: 

  1.       Baby blankets: made from textiles you can trust and treasure

Our 100% cotton baby blankets are completely unique. As textile designers, we know that quality isn’t only in the yarn but the stitch as well. That's why we insisted not only on premium material but also had specific instructions for the knitting technique to ensure a weighty blanket designed to last; from soothing newborns within its folds, to becoming an extra special play mat for wandering little legs a few years on.

Our motifs have a story too. Based on four animals found in Israeli natural life, we wanted these products to not only serve a functional purpose but spark inspiration too, for children to learn about the environment through a blanket ready woven with bedtime stories.

  1.       Wooden rattles: All-natural and sustainably sound

Made from 100% beach wood, our all-natural rattles are super easy for little fingers to grab and shake. Carved in a Montessori-inspired design, the rattles come in a range of four different shapes – each of which is much more pleasing to the eye and ears than the plastic equivalent!

  1.   Supersoft swaddles for comforting cuddles 

Our sumptuously soft muslin cloth is perfect for safely swaddled sleeps, napping, nursing or nearly rolling as they practise tummy time. Made from organic bamboo and cotton fibres, our breathable, Oeko-Tex certified swaddle comes in five calming colours: from an earthy clay orange to a silvery tuna grey. 

  1. Specialist skincare for new baby and newly named Mummy

A new addition to our baby gift sets is a selection of premium skincare products. Made in small batches on the north coast of Ireland, these bottles of certified softness have been approved by doctors and clinicians for safe use on newborns. And there’s a range of new mum products too; distilled with calming herbal essences, to soothe and pamper busy parents in between naps and nappies.

  1. Milestone cards for making milestone memories 

Our beautifully designed baby milestone cards feature gender neutral, imaginative designs for photo album moments. With 15 cards, ranging from 1 week to 12 months, these rectangular cards have space on the reverse for penning lots of special moments, and with smooth rounded corners, they are also safe for little hands to hold too. 

Our new baby gift sets are sealed with a seedling

Delicately wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, our gifts are as gentle as they are for new babies as they are on our planet. That’s because, for every order made on our website, we plant one tree via our social enterprise partner Ecologi. It’s just another way in which we are helping to ensure that when you buy one of our new baby gift sets, you truly are giving a gift that grows with them…

A childhood first and a lifetime favourite

Discover the range of Milk and Honey new baby gift sets, and perhaps that knitted blanket you gift will become a steadfast comfort; one a future toddler won’t be without. Or maybe the wooden toy, carefully chosen by you, will go on to be treasured through to adulthood, a precious relic of infancy, or a reminder of those first few days spent in a new baby bubble.

So, select a present designed with that very special purpose in mind: to become a childhood first and a lifetime favourite, one to cherish forever. 

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Welcome to The World, Baby