It has become so easy to separate life into indoor and outdoor, natural and artificial, when most of the time we would much rather be outside, soaking up the sun and practicing our cartwheels. But what if we could intertwine the two? What if we could bring nature home?

Milk and Honey creates unique and playful designs that aspire to capture the essence of the natural world and place it inside your home. We draw our inspiration from the fields and forests that were our childhood playgrounds combined with our everlasting love for Scandi design. 

Each of our products will introduce you to new characters from our world, which will be brought to life using vivid colours, rich textures and whimsical design.

Our focus is on using natural materials to make minimalist, high-quality creations that will enrich your family's life and stand the test of time. We want our products to be loved by parents as well as children, boys as well as girls because we believe all of us need a bit more nature in our daily lives. 

Behind the brand

Based in London, where the brand was born in 2019. Co-Founded by Tamar Lifshitz and Morag Omry - two textile designers, mummies, avid fans of Scandinavian design and old knitters at heart.

Milk and Honey - Bringing Nature Home