The Kinder Kind of New Baby Corporate Gifting

Amongst UK businesses, corporate gifting is fast becoming an unofficial employee benefit. A recent study among 300 corporate gift buyers, found that 48% said the gift in question had made the receiver feel valued, and even helped towards improving employee retention (Forbes).

All well and good, but what exactly fits the brief for corporate gifting buying? Especially when it comes to something as personal and private as a new baby, how does one ensure the corporate gift is appropriate? The right balance between thoughtful, and unintrusive?

Pre-pandemic and the task at hand would have been a much easier one. The age-old A4 envelope would have been passed from desk bank to desk bank, collecting coins and signatures alike. But with many still working from home, office visits are now much more infrequent, leaving corporate gifting much more the responsibility of HR teams, the honorary officers of workforce wellbeing.

The Perfect Baby Bundles for Corporate Gifting

That said, at Milk and Honey, we also understand that HR roles extend way beyond organising what gift to get who for which maternity or paternity leave. And yet neither does one want to order and send the first thing that appears on a Google search – a statement backed up by fact; with the same survey finding that 88% of corporate gift buyers look for quality in their purchase.

That’s where we come in. Our perfectly packaged new baby hampers are just the right answer when it comes to new baby corporate gifts; whether you’re buying for a client, a colleague or a customer. Designed and curated by our founders, both mothers themselves, these charming baby gift boxes contain items handpicked to delight both mothers and their new arrivals.

 What’s Inside Our New Baby Corporate Gift Sets?

Designed to be gender neutral, our premium baby gift sets contain luxurious products made from all-natural materials. We’ve hand-selected what’s inside each of the different boxes, which range from Essentials (£49.000) to Luxury (£76.00) to Premium (£126.00), ensuring that there’s a wonderfully thoughtful treat in there for both mum and baby.

Depending on your chosen bundle, inside you’ll find a sumptuously soft swaddle, made from 70% bamboo fibres and 30% all-natural cotton, the perfect cocoon for tiny new arrivals. There could also be a handmade wooden rattle, a set of baby Milestone cards and a 100% cotton snuggly blanket in your choice of motif, from jellyfish to stalks to baby badgers.

We’ve taken special care to ensure that each of these beautiful gifts can grow with new babies too. Take our 100% cotton blanket, designed to transition perfectly from soothing newborn comforter, to cot companion, to cushioning play mat for wandering little legs. Our mission is to make high-quality products, designed to be sturdy and resilient enough to be even the most inseparable of favourites, wash after wash, use after use. 

Made for Mums Too: The Ideal Corporate New Baby Gift

Inside our new baby hampers, we’ve also popped a selection of all-natural skincare products, distilled with calming herbal essences, to soothe and pamper busy mums in between naps and nappies. Checked and approved by dermatologists and doctors, these safe, all-natural products are handmade on the North Coast of Ireland. The range includes beautifully bottled lotions, nourishing oils and mummy/baby soaps, making a wonderful addition to any corporate new baby gift – a thoughtful show of congratulations and appreciation from any business. 

Truly the kinder kind of corporate gifting, a Milk and Honey baby gift set is the ideal present for expecting mothers and newly named dads too; delicately packaged to contain a treat for baby and for mum. And with a range of pricing options, we’ve taken care of every budget too – so that whether you’re a small business with just a handful of staff, or a large scale corporation, you can make new baby corporate gifting just as kind-hearted and personal as it should be. 


The Kinder Kind of New Baby Corporate Gifting